Features List

Main Features

Aerobase is a free and open source mobile backend server which provides a flexible and easy to use backend services.


    Sync and share files and resources from/to any device. Aerobase provides full read, write, and notification capabilities through standards based HTTP/REST interaction with the server using GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE commands.

  • Security

    Out of the box Single Sign On (SSO) and Identity Management (IDM). Built on top of the OAuth 2.0, Open ID Connect, JSON Web Token (JWT) and SAML 2.0 specifications.

  • Push Notifications

    High volume, blazing fast, unlimited, cross platform push notification delivery. Send push notifications to any device, regardless of platform or network. (APNs, GCM, WNS, MPNs, ADM and Mozilla’s SimplePush)


    Use aerobase web-based, all-in-one dashboard for powerful data manipulation, to view data, schedule and send push notifications. Now, you can focus on building amazing apps instead of worrying about application tenancy.

  • Package Installers

    Compared to an installation from source, the Aerobase package is faster to install and upgrade, more reliable to upgrade and maintain, and it shortens the response time for our subscribers' issues.

  • Community Support

    Aerobase is made and supported by its community. There are many ways you can find and access community support. Documentation: We maintain a full set of documentation available online.

Additional Features

Migrate, build and host as many Apps as you want.

  • User management

    Aerobase Server provides a full IDP/IDM include web-based access.


    Aerobase REST plugins for thing that are hard to do right.

  • Automatic emails

    Send automatic verification and welcome emails to your users. Use your own html template.

  • Social login

    Connect your users via traditional logins or third party social networks with just a few clicks.

  • WebHooks

    This keeps you informed of app events.

  • Mobile Clients

    Coming Soon ...