Configuration Options

Starting and Stopping

You can start, stop or restart Aerobase server and all of its components with a single command.

Configuration options

Aerobase Server is configured by setting relevant options in /etc/unifiedpush/unifiedpush.rb. For a complete list of available options, visit the unifiedpush.rb.template.

Enable HTTPS

By default, omnibus-unifiedpush-server does not use HTTPS. If you want to enable HTTPS for your host, follow this guide

Change the default port

If you need to use an HTTPS port other than the default (443), just specify it as part of the external_url

Log system

Aerobase has advanced log system so everything is logging and you can analize your instance using various system log files.


Starting with omnibus-unifiedpush-server 1.1.0 there is a built-in logrotate service in omnibus-unifiedpush-server.

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

If you want to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS you can use the redirect_http_to_https setting